Sweetpea, Our Inspiration. 

A tiny, 6 month old Pomeranian was born with a heart defect and could not find a forever home. Not wanting to send her to the shelter, they called me. I was known for adopting dogs that no one else wanted, so I immediately drove the 4 hours to pick her up.

Our journey began and my little caramel color Pom, now named Sweetpea, found the best veterinarian surgeon in all of Seattle and she was soon scheduled for a costly operation. The doctor told me after the successful operation that it was the “largest hole in the smallest heart” he had ever worked on.

As with all my rescues, lots of love and patience allowed her to heal completely. She became the pack leader at home and looked and acted like the feisty little creature she was meant to be. I loved her with all my heart, and she lived to be 9 years old — longer than any doctor had anticipated. She so inspired me, I wanted to make a keepsake to remember her by, and, Pets Cremation Jewelry was born.

Glass Artist Angie Roberts
Angie Roberts is a professional glass artist with over 10 years experience in glass bead making and jewelry design. Spending 6 years doing the Art Show circuit throughout Florida, she is now concentrating on human and pet cremation jewelry. Keeping loved ones together forever.